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話しかけたかった (Hanashikaketakatta) (English translation)


風が踊る 5月の街で
輝いてる 彼を見かけたわ
ほんとは ついてゆきたいの
ずっと あこがれてたから
駆け寄って 話しかけたかった
気をひきたかった 無邪気なふりして
キレイと 思われたかった
だけど追えなかった はねた髪
あなただけに 逢う偶然を
待ちつづけて 時間が過ぎてゆく
朝の電車 夕焼けの道
駆け寄って 話しかけたかった
でも出来なかった みんなが呼ぶ声
私を 気にも止めなかった
背中追えなかった 熱い頬
雨やどり 本屋の前
駆け寄って 話しかけたかった
でも出来なかった 今日まで いちども
遠くで思うだけだった 心で時間を止めてたの
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Composition: Kishi Masayuki (岸正之)
Lyrics: Tozawa Masami (戸沢 暢美)
Arrangement: Hagita Mitsuo (萩田光雄)

English translationEnglish
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I Wish We Could Talk

When the wind swirling in the neighborhood in May...
I saw him, he looks charming
My eyes only followed him walking along the shopping district
I really wanted to follow him
I've been longing for him all this time
So I hope someday he'll turn around and look at me
I wanted to run up and talk to him
I pretended to act cute to get his attention
I wanted him to think I'm beautiful
But in the split second I shook my hair, he's already gone
Just so that I can meet you again by chance...
I spent a lot of time keep waiting (*in that neighborhood)
From the morning the train passed until the sun set over the road
I always dressed up and waited for you to come
When I met up with my friends...
We passed each other again on the terrace of that cafe
I wanted to run up and talk to him
But I couldn't because my friends were calling me
He didn't even notice me
I couldn't chase him. My cheeks feels hot
When I took shelter from the rain in front of a bookstore...
...tied up my ponytail, he passed by me again
I wanted to run up and talk to him
But I couldn't. Not even once until today
I can only think of him from afar, when the time in my heart stops
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RetroPandaRetroPanda    Sun, 26/06/2022 - 01:41

Minamino Yoko (born: June 23, 1967) , nickname: Nanno, was one of the top idols in 1980s. She started her debut as actress in 1984 and debuted as singer in June 23, 1985 (right at her 18th birthday). She has a total of 9 songs that reached #1 spot in Oricon chart. She is also a very popular actress that has starred in 125 dramas and 31 movies (with her newest movie is scheduled in 2023 and her latest drama was from early 2022), and winning awards. As if it's not enough, she has also appeared in 27 stage plays and host 5 of her own radio shows. 

As idol, Nanno was also the type that has high commercial value that she appeared in a lot of ads for big brand companies and  a lot of her songs were used as soundtrack for dramas, movies and TV commercials (just like Wink).

Minamino Yoko, along with Kudo Shizuka, Asaka Yui, and Nakayama Miho , were four most active idols in late 1980s, they were called "Idol's Four Heavenly Kings".

Unfortunately, Minamino Yoko is one of the few elite idols (like Kikuchi Momoko) that never appeared in Kohaku Uta Gassen at all, despite her achievements make her more than deserved to perform there.


In the list of "Top 50 Idols of All Time" released by a music program in 2011, Minamino Yoko was placed in rank #30 with a total of 5,630,000 sales.



Released in 1987, this song is one of her songs that reached #1 in Oricon chart. These are some of her live performances:



Minamino Yoko is also part of Sukeban Deka franchise that massively boosted her popularity. If Saito Yuki is the main protagonist of Sukeban Deka season 1, Yoko played the main role in season 2 (late 1985):

Yoko in action:


In one of the episode, Onyanko Club (very popular idols group in 1980s; the first large scale idol groups, with 53 members) also made guest role.

^ Onyanko Club appeared in 0:53. Among the members, I see one of their members who would later became top idols in her solo career: Takai Mamiko (who has 4 of her songs reached #1 in Oricon chart).


In her idol days, Yoko was good friends with fellow idols: Honda Minako ( Jul'31, 1967 - Nov'6, 2005, RIP) and Okada Yukiko (Aug' 22, 1967 - Apr'8, 1986, RIP), both were her highschool classmates (*in fact, her highschool class of '86 has a lot of celebrities among her classmates; some were idols and some were actors. Imagine a class full of celebrities). Honda Minako was Matsuda Seiko's cousin.






And this is Minamino Yoko in 2021:


RetroPandaRetroPanda    Fri, 05/08/2022 - 22:30

Minamino Yoko most recent appeareance from August 3, 2022 (just 2 days ago):


RetroPandaRetroPanda    Tue, 28/06/2022 - 01:52

Minamino Yoko in a TV ads of Sukeban Deka video game:


RetroPandaRetroPanda    Fri, 23/09/2022 - 15:57

^ the first part is parody of her own "Sukeban Deka II" , but the second part (8:13),  Nanno playing a parody of Asada Miyoko's drama from 1974. The original drama itself was a slapstick comedy where the characters often yelled at each other, and normal dinner scenes could suddenly turned violent when arguments turned into characters wrestled each other and slammed each other against the wall, through the door, etc, just like that parody version. They even parodied the scene of Saijo Hideki and Asada Miyoko sing on the roof. The third part (12:42) is Nanno singing this song. 

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