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Ved Ronderne (English translation)

  • Artist: Norwegian Folk Also performed by: Solveig Kringlebotn
  • Song: Ved Ronderne

Ved Ronderne

No ser eg atter slike Fjell og Dalar,
Som deim eg i min förste Ungdom såg,
Og sama Vind den heite Panna svalar;
Og Gullet ligg pa Snjo, som för det låg.
Det er eit Barnemål, som til meg taler,
Og gjer meg tankefull, men endå fjåg.
Med Ungdomsminne er den Tala blandad;
Det ströymer på meg, so eg knapt kan anda.
Ja, Livet ströymer på meg, som det ströymde,
Når under Snjo eg såg det gröne Strå.
Eg dröymer no, som för eg altid dröymde,
Når slike Fjell eg såg i Lufti blå.
Eg glöymer Dagsens Strid, som för eg glöymde,
Når eg mot Kveld af Sol eit Glimt fekk sjå.
Eg finner vel eit Hus, som vil meg hysa,
Når Soli heim til Notti vil meg lysa.
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By the Ronderne Mountains

Now I see the same mountains and valleys,
As those I, in my young childhood, saw,
And the same wind cools my heated brow,
And gold lies on the snow, as before it lay.
There is a childlike voice, which speaks to me,
And makes me thoughtful, but still full of joy.
With childhood memories is this speech blended;
It streams over me, so I can barely understand.
Yes, life streams over me, as it streamed,
When under the snow I saw the green straw.
I dream now, as once I always dreamed,
When such mountains I saw in the blue air.
I forget the day's stress, as once I forgot it,
When I, towards night, a glimmer of sun did see.
I will well find a house, that will shelter me,
As the sun, home for the night, will light my way.
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His brother's name was Jubal; he was the father of all
who play stringed instruments and pipes. (Genesis 4:21)

Submitted by SaintMarkSaintMark on 2016-08-29
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å anda means to breathe

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