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Toto 30 ans (English translation)

  • Artist: Alain Souchon
  • Song: Toto 30 ans Album: Toto 30 ans rien que du malheur (1978)
English translationEnglish

Thirty-year-old Toto

It all begins, one dirty morning,
In a bathroom mirror.
He's not a conquistador,
This has-been puffy young man who's still sleeping...
What are these pocket knife cuts
From the corner of your eyes toward your hair?
I'm not going to make a melodrama
But they're wrinkles, ladies and gentlemen!
Because it's degrading,
That strong pink rubber that keeps our body together...
It's your age. You mustn't cry.
My poor Toto, thirty years old, nothing but misery.
Thirty years old, thirty years old, the mature age.
When you realize that you can't count on
The elasticity of your skin, for sure...
Pink baby is all happy,
You've climbed to the top of the slide.
Now you're not laughing so hard,
You'll be dripping with no effort...
Stop it. It's going too fast.
I'm getting soft all over.
It's getting faster.
Even if you keep jogging in the Boulogne park,
Even if you get a nice face lift, that cute girl
She'll sleep much better
At the place of that other guy with no red eyes, no rolls.
SOS, doctor, doctor,
SOS doctor for singer,
Repair my skin, repair my heart.
I'm just a poor thirty-year-old Toto, nothing but misery.
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Toto 30 ans

Alain Souchon: Top 3
Torpedo23Torpedo23    Mon, 26/09/2022 - 00:11

Wonderful translation, Johannes! Thanks for your work! (:

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