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My Leader lyrics

  • Artist: Stream of Passion
  • Album: The Flame Within (2009)
  • Translations: Russian

My Leader

You, of endless charm and grace,
You told a hypnotic tale.
You, bearing sweet promises,
Sunk deep into the need
And challenged everything.
I had nowhere to run to;
I was helplessly seduced
By the power of your name,
And every word you said
Seemed like an answer.
You can't save me from falling
Now the moment slipped away;
When the vision is over
I'll return with nothing left.
You broke my heart in two,
You, equally brave and cruel.
By the power of your name
A thousand minds gave in to madness.
He is taking me under...
Was I so blind
Not to see through the disguise
That covered your frozen heart?
Who'll lead us now, long after you're gone?
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Submitted by Tuuli TalvinenTuuli Talvinen on 2022-09-30
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Baran-29Baran-29    Fri, 30/09/2022 - 11:57

Dear Tuuli Talvinen!
I think you might have forgotten to set the language to English

Tuuli TalvinenTuuli Talvinen    Fri, 30/09/2022 - 16:13

You are absolutely right! Thank you for your comment. I fixed it.

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