[SOLVED] Trouble wit non-breakable spaces

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For some reason the non-breakable spaces ( ) are messing up the lyrics and translations layout.
They seem to turn into a couple of <br> tags, adding blank lines.

This is annoying, for instance when you want to use French typography (nb spaces before colons and semicolons, inside French quotes, etc.) or indent some parts of a text.

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Are you using the rich text editor for this? I noticed that as long as I don't switch to that, it doesn't mess up what I'm writing. It also messes up the format and everything is mushed together instead of spaced out.

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No, just plain old text edit. I can use other HTML codes like « &laquo; &raquo; » though.
Only the &nbsp; code seems to be buggy.
I suspect someone among the powers-that-be forgot to escape the HTML somewhere, or maybe used nbsp as a marker.

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Fixed, sorry

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Thanks, no problem.

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