[SOLVED] Trouble wit non-breakable spaces

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For some reason the non-breakable spaces ( ) are messing up the lyrics and translations layout.
They seem to turn into a couple of <br> tags, adding blank lines.

This is annoying, for instance when you want to use French typography (nb spaces before colons and semicolons, inside French quotes, etc.) or indent some parts of a text.

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Are you using the rich text editor for this? I noticed that as long as I don't switch to that, it doesn't mess up what I'm writing. It also messes up the format and everything is mushed together instead of spaced out.


No, just plain old text edit. I can use other HTML codes like « &laquo; &raquo; » though.
Only the &nbsp; code seems to be buggy.
I suspect someone among the powers-that-be forgot to escape the HTML somewhere, or maybe used nbsp as a marker.

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Fixed, sorry


Thanks, no problem.

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