Mexican Folk - Mi Juchitán (English translation)


Mi Juchitán

Juchiteca que al rayo de luna,
vas luciendo tu gracia gentil,
que coronas de nieve y espuma,
el encaje del blanco huipil.
Juchiteca de los pies descalzos,
en las claras mañanas de abril,
en la comba de tu jicalpextle,
llevas preso el amor que te di.
Juchitán, Juchitán,
tus recuerdos en mi alma estarán,
Juchitán, Juchitán,
mis canciones a ti llegarán.
Por llevarte en sus alas, istmeña
se desmaya a tus plantas el mar,
te salpica de perlas los flancos,
y en las rocas se pone a llorar.
Juchiteca que al rayo de luna,
y de pie sobre el alto cantil,
una estatua de bronce pareces,
desafiando al marino confín.
Juchitán, Juchitán,
de ti llenas mis voces están,
Juchitán, Juchitán,
y en las brisas a ti llegarán.
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Autor: Carlos A. Peña
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Simple corrección de un error tipográfico, segunda estrofa, tercer verso: "el la comba" --> "en la comba"; y en la tercera estrofa, "se desmaya a tus platas el mar" --> "se desmaya a tus plantas el mar".

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English translation

My Juchitán

Juchiteca1, in the moonlight
you shine your gentle grace,
that you crown with snow and foam,
the white lace of the huipil.
Juchiteca with your bare feet,
in the clear mornings of April,
warped in your Jicalpextle2,
you hold prisoner the love I gave you.
Juchitán3, Juchitán,
your memories in my soul they'll remain,
Juchitán, Juchitán,
my songs will come to you.
When it took you on its wings, Istmeña4
before you the sea fell to its knees
it splashes your sides with pearls
and on the rocks it laid down to cry.
Juchiteca, in the moonlight
standing up high on a cliff,
you look like a bronze statue,
challenging the sea's limits.
Juchitán, Juchitán,
you are in all that I speak,
Juchitán, Juchitán,
and in the breeze they'll come to you.
  • 1. a woman from Juchitán de Zaragoza.
  • 2. a clay pot or made from the fruit of the gourd, also called in Spanish 'Jicara' where the word is also spelled as 'Xicalpextle'.
  • 3. Juchitán de Zaragoza, an indiginous town located south of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico
  • 4. a woman from the Isthmus.
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roster 31    Sun, 19/11/2017 - 03:58

Two correction have been made: a typo, second stanza, third verse, "el la comba" --> "en la comba"; and third stanza, "se desmaya a tus platas el mar" --> "se desmaya a tus plantas el mar".
See if this affects your translation.

Thank you

phantasmagoria    Sun, 19/11/2017 - 14:16

I transcribed the song, so there was bound to be a mistake or two in there. I fixed my translation, but am unsure if I have confused their meanings. If possible, please take a look at those lines and let me know if I'm wrong.

roster 31    Sun, 19/11/2017 - 14:48

The idea is correct but I think the way of expression is a little conffussing:
"its sides splashed you with pearls" --> "It (the sea) splashes your sides with pearls", seems to me.

FIrst stanza - :"like a wreath of snow and foam" ==> "that you crown with snow and foam", says the original (?)

Hermosa canción, Ellen.