Chaartaar - Leylache - لیلاچه (English translation)

English translation

The Little Leyla

With you, I plead, do stay
Thus my flight might be kept away,
From being caged, as it may
Your breath gives the moment,
A taste of melody, nay,
It haunts the moment,
By a sweet melody.
Whole body is chained to itself, by a strong tie
A dashed hope, turning into butterfly
I am similar to the shadows,
An injured pride that one swallows
I am similar to all bitter wishes,
That without you are no more ambitious
All that are nothing, but gone-with-the-wind wishes.
Come back! I am the babel of noises,
Unreached to sounds,
Unheard by me.
Come back! You are the very meaning
For the mirror's silence, for its unsaying
Where is the night-kissing flower?
To take me far away;
Where is a little Leyla's heart of tender?
Which is seeking pure madness to buy.
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Leylache - لیلاچه

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