Mickey 3D - Réveille-toi (English translation)

English translation

Wake up

When I close my eyes, seeing as how I’m not Tinkerbell
I sometimes have nightmares
Simon said to me to go fetch your pushchair 1
And follow me to the washhouse
Down there, you’ll see, the flowers laughing
The stories emerge, the expressions disguise themselves
But if the water slips away, wake up
When my heart stops, I look out the window
But the world, I don’t see it
The rain keeps beating down, it just does at it pleases
And the people are at the cinema
Down there, in the dark, the fear laughs
The stories emerge, the expressions disguise themselves
But life is just a movie, wake up
The stories emerge, the expressions disguise themselves
But life is just a movie, just wake up
  • 1. Jacques a dit - french equivalent of Simon says / Jacadi - chain of shops for baby ware
Submitted by Gavin on Fri, 08/12/2017 - 11:02
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Sarasvati    Fri, 08/12/2017 - 11:19

Thumbs up l'eau se défile....> slips away (leave discreetly)
Thumbs up -Les histoires se dessinent...>The stories emerge
Is it possible to say or is it the same ?: se profile
                                                             materialize, appear 
                                                             be outlined, be delineated 

Gavin    Fri, 08/12/2017 - 11:25

Slips away - yes, leaves discreetly is exactly the right meaning. "He slipped away when nobody was looking"

Emerge, materialise, appear - all good.

Be outlined, be delineated - good English but less likely to be used here. Regular smile

tdwarms    Fri, 08/12/2017 - 11:20

You know, you ought to be awarded the OBE for all of the Mickey 3D translation's you've done. Regular smile

Gavin    Fri, 08/12/2017 - 11:25

I expect it's in the post! Wink smile

tdwarms    Fri, 08/12/2017 - 11:26

Maybe it's a Christmas gift! Fun! Teeth smile

petit élève    Fri, 15/12/2017 - 13:54

Jacadi m'a dit -> "jacques a dit" is a kid's game where you're supposed do some (silly) things as if some mysterious Jack had given orders ("And Jack said: rub your tummy")

THe first stanza evokes the nursery rhyme "à la claire fontaine" (at least to me, not sure if that was the original intent).

La pluie se répète -> "se répéter" is used for people ranting (telling always the same stories). Can't really think of a good equivalent, but something like "the rain goes round in circles" maybe?

Gavin    Fri, 15/12/2017 - 14:09

Oh it's like "Simon says" in English, right!
So do you think Jacadi (and the note) is right, or should it be "Jacques a dit m'a dit" ('Simon says' told me)

Just went to read à la claire fontaine - I think you're probably right.

Yeah, I got that it was the rain falling again and again - but it sounded odd so thought "beats down" - but maybe "keeps beating down" expresses relentlessness better...

petit élève    Fri, 15/12/2017 - 14:14

Ah right, "Simon says". Had forgotten about this one.

You can go a bit wild with the rain, the French sounds pretty unusual too Regular smile