[SOLVED] The million dollar question: What kanji is this?

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Hey there!
I was taking a look at one of my favorite band's CD cases and noticed a kanji I couldn't recognize. I used a couple of kanji recognition apps to see what would show up, but most of them didn't identify it and the one that did showed "泣", which doesn't look quite like it. I also tried identifying the radicals, but the font makes it impossible for me to do it... Could someone lend me a hand? I'd be very grateful Teeth smile

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It seems that it's an obsolete kanji, similar to this one here (which is "ye" and derived from 江). Sorry I can't be of further help, but I'll look into anyway.

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Don't cry.
That's "泣," I assure you.
Your app gave the right answer.

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Kota is right. It's 泣

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Thank you very much, guys! You all are the best!

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It's certainly bizarre though. It's written in a completely different style from every other character on the title.

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I know, right? I noticed how 氵 was styled in other kanji from the text, but I had no idea 立 could be written like that!

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To me "泣" has always meant to cry "naku, naite." I'm not sure of its on-yomi but it's definitely not obsolete.

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I know what it means and that it's not obsolete (at all!), I was just saying I had no idea it could be written (as in, the calligraphy style) like it is on the picture I linked.

Either way, thanks for the reply! Regular smile

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