Srebrna Krila - Otrove moj


Otrove moj

Ljubavi moja, u meni je rana
Igram na zadnju kartu života,
Spreman na rolu šarlatana,
I zadnjeg snoba i idiota
Niz moje lice blagost se sipa
To nisu suze, već vilinski roj
Ti imaš srce mramornog kipa
Ljubavi moja - otrove moj
Iako znam da nisam prvi
Ljubec, ti tijelo sagorio boj
Prije si sfinga no žena od krvi
Ljubavi moja - otrove moj
Submitted by Sammifossil on Thu, 11/01/2018 - 03:35


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Euterpa    Sun, 14/01/2018 - 00:20

I almost completed the translation to English, I just have an issue with "Ljubec, ti tijelo sagorio boj". That doesn't mean anything in Croatian, "Ljubec" word doesn't belong to Croatian language to my knowledge, while the rest of the line has words that mean something, but not when put together like this. I think "Ljubec ti" should be "ljubivši" (by kissing [someone/something]), I am still trying to make sense of the other words, though. He sings those words so fast and with such a rusty voice, it's hard to tell. I just wanted to notify you that I didn't forget about the "in progress" status, I'll do my best to finish this ASAP.