S. J. Tucker - Witch's Rune (Occitan translation)

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Witch's Rune

Darksome night and shining moon
Balance of the dark and light
Hearken ye our witch's rune
As we perform our sacred rite
With earth and water, air and fire
By blade and bowl and circle round
We come to you with our desire
Let all that is hidden now be found
With censer, candle, book and sword
And ringing of the altar bell
We tie a knot within our cord
To bind our magic in a spell
Mother of the summer fields
Goddess of the silver moon
Join with us as power builds
Dance with us our witch's rune
Father of the Summer dew
Hunter of the winter snows
With open arms we welcome you
Dance with us as power grows
Dance with us a witches rune
By all the light of moon and sun
By all the might of land and sea
Chant the rune and it is done
As we will, so mote it be
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Occitan translation

Runa de bruisha

Net escura e lua brilhanta,
Equilibri dera net e lum,
Escotatz ara nòsta runa1 de bruisha
mentre amiam eth nòste rite sagrat.
Damb tèrra e aigua, aire, eth huec,
Per lama e bòl e cercle corb
viem a vosati damb eth nòste desir
Que tot qu’ei amagat ara sigue trobat.
Damb encendèr, candèla, libre, e espada
En ressonar era campaneta der autar
Hèm un nud ena nòsta còrda
Entà religar era nòsta màgia en ua sòrt.
Mair des camps d’ostiu
Divessa dera lua plata
Junhetz damb nosati mentre qu’era poténcia creish
Baratz damb nosati era nòsta runa de bruisha
Pair dera arrosada d’ostiu
Caçaire des nhèus d’iuèrn
Damb braci daurits, vos acuelhem
Baratz damb nosati mentre qu’era poténcia creish
Baratz damb nosati era nòsta runa de bruisha
Per tota era lum dera lua e eth solei
Per tota era fortalesa dera tèrra e era mar
Cantatz era runa e ei hèta
Coma volem, atau sigue
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Teeth smile Tu as l'art de choisir des musiques qui me transportent vers un autre monde bien cotonneux

tdwarms    Sun, 14/01/2018 - 06:19

Ça signifie qu'on a de bons goûts. Wink smile