Pablo Milanés - Yolanda (English translation)

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This cannot be just a song;
I’d wish it to be a declaration of love—
Romantic, without fixing things up in such a way
to inhibit the torrent that now I feel
I love you
I love you
Eternally…I love you.
If I were to be without you, I wouldn’t die
If I were to die, I’d want it to be with you.
My solitude feels accompanied
that's why sometimes I know I need
Your hand
Your hand
Eternally, your hand
When I saw you, I knew that it was real
This fear of finding myself expossed
You strip me naked with seven truthful reasons
You open my chest each time you overwhelm me
With love
With love
Eternally, with love
If at a time I feel defeated,
I renounce to seing the sunrise each morning,
Praying the creed you’ve taught me
I see your face and say at the window
Eternally, Yolanda
Eternally, Yolanda
Eternally, Yolanda
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Author's comments:

just another take. i think this one is more accurate.



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Poni de Cthulhu    Sun, 21/01/2018 - 03:59

Transliteration? I think you meant ''English translation'' (:

RadixIce    Sun, 21/01/2018 - 04:38

Is it an accurate translation?