Zarina Altynbayeva - The Jewel Song (English translation)

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The Jewel Song

Ah! je ris de me voir
si belle en ce miroir,
Ah! je ris de me voir
si belle en ce miroir,
Est-ce toi, Marguerite, est-ce toi?
Réponds-moi, réponds-moi,
Réponds, réponds, réponds vite!
Non! Non! ce n'est plus toi!
Non...non, ce n'est plus ton visage;
C'est la fille d'un roi;
Ce n'est plus toi,
Qu'on salut au passage!
Ah s'il était ici!
S'il me voyait ainsi!
Comme une demoiselle
Il me trouverait belle, Ah!
Comme une demoiselle,
Il me trouverait belle!
Achevons la métamorphose,
Il me tarde encor d'essayer
Le bracelet it le collier!
Dieu! c'est comme une main,
Qui sur mon bras se pose! ah! ah!
Ah! je ris de me voir si belle dans ce miroir!
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English translation

The Jewel Song

Ah! I laugh at seeing myself
so beautiful in this mirror,
Ah! I laugh at seeing myself
so beautiful in this mirror,
Is it you, Marguerite, is it you?
Answer me, answer me,
Answer, answer, answer quickly!
No! No! it's not you anymore!
No ... no, it's not your face anymore;
She is the daughter of a king;
It's not you anymore,
That people salute as she walks by
Ah, if he were here!
If he saw me so!
Like a young lady
He would find me beautiful, Ah!
Like a young lady,
He would find me beautiful!
Let's finish the metamorphosis,
I still long to try
The bracelet and the necklace!
God! it's like a hand,
That gently grabs my arm! ah! ah!
Ah! I laugh at seeing myself so beautiful in this mirror!
Don't hesitate to correct me if you find any mistakes, leave any suggestions you have, and please don't take without my permission. Teşekkürler, спасибо, рахмет, merci, 谢谢, thanks!
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petit élève    Tue, 23/01/2018 - 00:36

Pretty good! Just a couple of details:

Qu'on salut au passage! -> should be "qu'on salue...", and that should be read as "c'est la fille d'un roi [...] qu'on salue au passage", i.e. "it's the daughter of a king, it's no longer you, that people salute as she walks by"

comme une main qui sur mon bras se pose -> lit. "like a hand that settles on my arm", meaning something like "like a hand that gently grabs my arm"

This made the song quite popular in France, by the way Regular smile

ctsarina    Wed, 24/01/2018 - 22:41

Thanks! I'll have to wait for the song's original 'author' to fix the lyrics though... I'll just change my translation for now))