Fairuz - Katabna Ou Ma Katabna(كتبنا و ماكتبنا) (English translation)

English translation

We wrote and didn't write

We wrote and didn't write and the lose of what we wrote
We wrote a hundred letters but he didn't answer us yet
We were sending a letter and he was sendin' two letters
What did they say to you? you've changed for two monthes
The last time we met eachothers.. we prayed and became reconciled
If you feeling sad for us at least reproach us
Do you remember when you came to the house in the evening
I don't how my heart flew and the house started flying
And when you said to me: water me. The jasmine started crying
And it said to me: poor, we said we repented but we didn't repent
Owners of the heart when the cores have 'em
We said: who has our loves?
Come back before the treating gave a hug to the nights of the life
He has the old friends on the Fulfillment too
Auf... Baby
I see his window from a far place opening on the valley
And the lump increases and increases in this hurted heart
Your love looks not clear.. and you don't evolve on the neighbours
The birds of the willow came back and our loved ones didn't come back
I hope you like and understand the translations that I did....
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Katabna Ou Ma Katabna(كتبنا و ماكتبنا)

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