[SOLVED] Two Same Named Songs of a Band

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There are two same named songs of a band (Before the Dawn). The songs' names are Fade Away. But one is from "The Ghost" album and another is from "04.17am" album. One of them has added already, so I can't add the other one. Is there any way to add it?

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Hi. You may add the year of the song in brackets ( or the album name) to distuingish.

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One possibility is to add the year the song was published in brackets after the song title, like RadixIce said. Or if it's a different version, you could add (xxx version) after the actual title (replacing the xxx with something else of course).

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Oh ok. Thanks for your advice Regular smile

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Please note that, if there are no differences in the body of the lyrics there is no need to add it as a separate entry. It can simply be noted in the "album field" in this fashion "The Ghost, 04.17am".

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