Need help identifying a song (persian/farsi)

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Hi everyone,
this is my first post ,i there anyone who can help me identify this song that I heard on the radio, tried figure out each word and search on google,youtube etc no luck..
here is a clip that i was able to record from radio
please identify the name of the song and artist ,i really cant do it myself i tried all possible ways...

the clip is not working says i cant submit ..
so i'll try to try type the words that i could figuire

goftam naro khola mob ihtarko,
ehsa seshae yakiocha dora mocham thatko
motsma ennam chemy tarsiyazi , chedaz setruze

oh man -.- it would be easier if i could post link

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It looks like something arabian)) Did you use Shazam or smth like this?

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I tried to use Shazam, but it didn't recognize the song, I'm sorry

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Yeah it's a persian song by "Navid Hakimi " and " Hamed Mahmoodzadeh"
The name of the song is "Naro" (which means Don't Go)
in persian alphabet--->
Artist: نوید حکیمی - حامد محمودزاده
Song: نرو

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do you know this song?

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Pouya Bayati - Kam kam

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