Lupo (Köln) - För die Liebe nit (English translation)

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Except for love

The Cologne term for an onion is "Öllich"
The Cologne term for a sidewalk is "Trottoir"1
The Cologne term for an umbrella is "Paraplü"2
And our favourite word is "Alaaf"3
Cologne dialect has a word for everything
Except for love
I have a plan B for everything
Except for love
If I had to move to a desert island
There's three things I'd take with me (What are they?)
A football, a towel and you, of course
The Cologne term for TV is "Flimmerkiss"4
The Cologne term for mustard is "Mostart"5
A secret fling is called a "Fisternöllsche"
And if you commit a parking violation, you're getting a "Knöllche"6
There's no other place where they say "Plümo"7
They'll only give you funny looks
Even the word "läpsch"8 is completely unknown to others
But for the greatest feeling of all we simply didn't coin a term
[Chorus x2]
  • 1. From the French word for sidewalk.
  • 2. From the French word "parapluie" for umbrella.
  • 3. The traditional exclamation during carnival.
  • 4. From outdated "Flimmerkiste", lit.
    "flickering box".
  • 5. From the French word for mustard.
  • 6. A parking ticket.
  • 7. Blanket
  • 8. Trivial
Translations (c) by me, permission for use on and private "fair use" cases granted.
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För die Liebe nit

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magicmulder    Wed, 14/02/2018 - 19:37

Translation of the video intro:

Teacher: What's the word for onion?
Class: Öllich.
Teacher: Umbrella?
Class: Paraplü.
Teacher: TV?
Class: Flimmerkiss.
Teacher: A little louder, children. Police?
Class: Schmier.
Teacher: Half a chicken?
Class: Halve Hahn.*
Teacher: No! It's not "halve Hahn"! That is wrong! Wrong! Good Lord! [to student] Carmen?
Student: What is the Cologne term for love?
Teacher: It doesn't exist.
Student: But it does.
Teacher: No, it doesn't.
Student: But there is a word for everything.
Teacher: Yeah, but there is no word for that.
Student: But as a teacher you should know that.
Teacher: Yes, I do know, that's why I'm telling you there is no word for "love" in Cologne dialect.
Student: But there has to be one, and we'd like to know it.
Teacher [packs up and leaves]: I'm tired of this. [yelling] Am I the teacher here or what?

* "Halve Hahn" (lit. "half a cockerel") is a traditional Cologne meal that has nothing to do with chicken.