Petra (USA) - Just Reach Out


Just Reach Out

Sometimes the night, seems to go on for days,
When it's hard to see the light, through the darkness and haze.
While the world around you, makes you feel out of place,
And the burdens that you carry, are just too hard to face,
Just reach out, and He'll reach in.
Take your broken heart and make it whole again.
It don't matter who you are or where you been.
Just reach out, and He'll reach in.
Standing in a crowd, but still all alone,
Crying out for answers, that nobody knows.
Everybody's busy, looking out for themselves!
Is there anyone who really cares, about anyone else?
You say you walked ten thousand steps away.
Well, don't you know that it's only one step back,
Because the One who hears you when you pray,
Is the One who's there beside you and He'll never walk away?
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