Amir Mounib - Geit 3ala Bali (جيت على بالى) (English translation)

English translation

get 3ala bali

You came on my mind few days ago
I said that I should ask where are you now
And by the way (speech between me and you)
I cannot forget our days
And I’m missing your eyes
Send my regards to both of your eyes
Until we will meet
However the one met (new people)
He will not be able to forget the most precious one
No ,don’t say that you forgot me
I always hope to be with you
And even if I’m busy ,I cannot forget you one day
But the days (the life) is taking me ,as it is taking you (making us busy)
You came on my mind frequently ,not once nor two times
When I’m closing my eyes ,I just remember our previous days and our story
I said to you good evening ,I miss your days ,oh if you come back to me again
I’m now hoping if a place could gather us
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Geit 3ala Bali (جيت على بالى)

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