Amr Diab - Ana Mosh Anany (أنا مش أناني) (English translation)

English translation

I'm not selfish

Versions: #1#2
[Verse] x 2
I'm not selfish
I let you live your life after us
and I stood still for years waiting for you
Don't blame me, starting today I have someone else in my life
[Chorus] x 2
What have I been waiting for all this time?
What love are you looking for now?
after leaving me, no admonition is going to shake me
Do you want the truth?
Because your place is now filled with someone else
your eyes and heart are jealous, you can't take it
forget me if you still remember me, you have a million ways to do it!
Our days are gone, I can't say otherwise
My heart will never forget two words: tired and wounded
Who told you that life would ever stop because of those who walk away!?
[Chorus] x 2
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Ana Mosh Anany (أنا مش أناني)

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