Angham - Bahebek Wa7ashtini (بحبك وحشتيني) (English translation)

English translation

I love you, I miss you

I love you, I miss you
I'm sorry that it's late
I have nothing but you
Oh light of my eye
And you have a lot of things to say to me
Because my heart is trying to satisfy you
And you don't let your love show the way
Without you life is cold
And much remains of it
Maybe sometimes you miss some things
That are very simple and easy
But I get very angry at you forget them
Don't forget to speak I beg you
For the sake of everyone that loves you
My eyes, my heart, and my years
Are forgotten, wanting you
Help me and say it please
Because sometimes it hurts
I'll find for you the things I have
And tell them to my heart
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Bahebek Wa7ashtini (بحبك وحشتيني)

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