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I'm Nortti, a thirty-something IT geek from Finland. I joined a couple of weeks back due to my ever-growing interest in Russian music (Nautilus, Piknik, Agata Kristi, etc) and culture. I've been a blogger for a couple of years, writing all of my posts in English, and I've noticed that the overexposure to English has lead me to lose some of my power of expression in my native Finnish. Curious! I'm hoping to re-obtain some of it by translating between English and Finnish, while also learning Russian. I speak a bit of Swedish as well, but fluency is but a distant dream at the moment - one I'm not yet pursuing.

I don't really know what I'm supposed to say about myself here! I'm really passionate about music, but it has to be artistic and unique to spark my interest. I'm not picky about genre, although pop and dance rarely fascinate me. I guess you could say I'm here to learn, to have fun, and perhaps even hoping to find like-minded people. Feel free to message me! Regular smile

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Welcome on board! You'll find among others a friendly, sometimes too boisterous but always outgoing Russian speaking community to help you with your favourite Russian bands. Make yourself at home Regular smile

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Thank you! I'm excited to hang with you all. You're the one who translated Последний из Могикан for me, aren't you? Thank you ever so much for that lovely deed. Regular smile What a song!

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Hello Nortti and welcome to the LT community! We hope you are going to enjoy your stay here! If you need anything, there are many Moderators or Editors who are willing to help you.

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Welcome to LT. Please familiarize yourself with the 'Site Rules' and "Frequently Asked Questions' located within the 'Getting Started' bar at the top of the page.
This may also make things easier beginning here:

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