Angham - Nos El Donia (نص الدنيا) (English translation)


Nos El Donia (نص الدنيا)

انا مش كماله عدد
ولا صفر على الشمال
عن دورى وقت الشدد
كلام كتير اتقال
انا ببساطة نص الدنيا
مش محتاجة انى اثبت
ان وجودى مهم
وقبل دة كله كفاية عليا
ان ليا مكان فى الجنة
عشان انا أم
انا مش كلام ع الورق
ولا جزء مش محسوب
الكون دة لما اتخلق
كان ليا دور مكتوب
ايدى بتبنى ومش بتهد
واقفة جوة فى وقت الجد
بعرف حقى وبعرف واجبى
ومافيش حد احسن من حد
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English translation

half of the world

i am not only sb for continuation and i am not a zero at the left
about my role during hard time lots of things was spoken
i am simply half of the world
i dont need to prove that my presence is important
before all of that is enough for me
there is a place in paradise beacause i am a mother
i am not a speech on the paper or i am not sth not considered
when the universe was created there was a written role for me
my hands build and dont destroy, i am standing inside during serious time
i know my right and i know my duty and nobody is better than the others
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