Muallim (English translation)

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The windows window to window teacher
I waved at your uncle, teacher
If your uncle doesn't give his girl, teacher
Pickles against the window, teacher
The window is closed, teacher
Golden watch, teacher
You weren't like this, teacher
Grounded by her sister, teacher
The windows have curtains, teacher
The flowers started growing apricot, teacher
I fell in love again, teacher
She is in love with me aswel, teacher
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Author's comments:

A very popular song about someone who's in love with someone related to his teacher.
There are a few Turkish 'sayings' or just context related sentences which some might find weird, if you don't quite understand the lyrics read the Notes below.
If your uncle doesn't give his girl : Basically the Middle Eastern culture about giving a girl's hand to a guy is a dads job, he needs approval from her father.
Pickles against the window, teacher : He's talking about throwing these pickles against her window to annoy them (like threatening them if you don't give me the girl I'll throw pickles at your windows )
The flowers started growing apricot : just another way of saying time went by in Turkish.
The windows have curtains : He's kind of going mad that he can't see her



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