Ethnic Zorigoo - Tengeriin Huch


Tengeriin Huch

Ert deer uyees uiltei
Erin zuunii tertees ultai
Zuu zuunii tertees uiltei
Nuudelj irsen malchid bid
Ezen Chingisiin uyees
Taliin baatruud negdseer
Han hengeregee deldseer l
Hamag aimagaa negtgey
Esgii goltoi Mongol tumen
Erin zuunii tuuht ih
Sanhil huuriin chavhdasan dor
Mongol tumenii setgel hodloj
Agt moridoo soosoor l
Aguu Mongol ulsiin baataruud
Heetei taliin gazaraas
Dorvon zugiig chiglev bid.
Tenger shutdeg ter chin bi
Deedesiinhee bi gerch n bi
Tuunii erch n bi
Mulguug uugeeree herchine bi
Ezelsen delhiin taliig n
Odoonoo sahina bi galiig n
Setgeldee hadgalj yavna
Eh oron uul uz maliig n
Unendee ovog deedsiin min derged n baidal tednii MC nar
Er n bi yugaaraa dutdiin bugdiig n chadna bas ezemshine
Monh tsustiin num suman door bohiiloo delhiin hagas n
Numaar n bish nomoor n shalgana uhaalag agsang n
(indiscernible) Burye hoy
Joloo toimoo davtya hooy
Haraa unagaa davhy hoy
Hazaar yugaa tatya hooy
Num savdagaa zasya hoy
Gutgar selemee sugaly hoy
Hatgaat daisanaa daray hoy
Dorno zugiig chigley hoy
Hoh Mongol tengertei
Hors taltan delhiitei
Hoh tolbotoi Mongol tumen
Uyiin uyed zalbirj irsen
Haluun elegtend hani l bolson
Har sanaatand ayul bolson
Har suldee tahij irseer
Hariin omchiin ezen bolson
Odoo bid hed ulsaa negtgey
Hamag Mongol ulsaa negtgey
Hangal moridiin hatirga tovorgood
Hari ulsiig dailaar mordyo
Hotoo zasaj ulsaa manduulj
Tort ulsaa tuvshin bolgoj
Tort ulsiin sur huchiig
Zuu zuundaa tuuhet bolgoy
Bid oorooroo baharhah uchirtai
Uchir n Mongol tsustai
Ezenten n baih uchirtai
Uchir n bi uul ustai
Hari nutagiin tsus ruu shingesen
Halihgui domogtoi
Hunii door orj uzeegui
Yargachin bi omogtoi
Hen negnii omno zogsood
Tuuheeree aharhana
Gantshan bi yumaaraa delhii dayaraa baharhana
Hunnu gurnees ulbaatai nuudelchin Mongolchuud bid
Deed gazariig zahirah ovog deedsiin huchiig manduultsgaay
Bidnii tuuhiig uldeesen ovog deedes bol bidnii shuteen
Tsag n irsen shine Mongoliin ireeduig bid nar buteene
Aguu Mongoliin tuuh ehelsen tsoriin gants ezen haanaar
Galiig n sahih uchirtai bid, oyun uhaanaaraa
Hoh tenger shirtej baina
Hun baihiin uchiriig asuuj bna
Ene amidraliin unen haana orshino ve
Etses togsold n yu uldeh ve
Nulims ursah ter mochuud
Haramsah setgel baigaad yah ve
Namariin boroo shingeh ter mochid
Nariig huleegeed oroitson baina
Hamgaalaarai (high pitched)
Hairlaarai (high pitched)
Terteeh olon zunaas
Chihend shivneseer l baina
Hamgaalaarai (high pitched)
Hairlaarai (high pitched)
Deed tengerees
Bidnii zurhend shiveneseer l baina.
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Actions existing from long past
Roots stemming from centuries past
From centuries ago we
We are nomadic herders
From the time of Chingis Khaan
Steppe warriors united
Beating the drums of war
Unified all the tribes
Felt-core Mongols have
Centuries full of history
Under the strings of sacred Khuur (string instrument)
Mongolian spirit moves
Still training our horses
Great Mongolian warriors
From the painted steppes
We headed in four directions.

Yeah, the guy who worships the sky, that’s me
The proof of my ancestors, that’s me
The strength of it, that’s me
Cut down dumbasses using this, I will
Conquered half of the world
And now I keep its flame
I keep it in my heart
My country, land, water and herds
Truthfully, next to my ancestors, these MCs are nothing
What do I lack? I can do anything and own it
Under the arrows of eternal blood half of the world knelt
Not by the bow but by the books the world judges intelligence

Let’s (haha couldn’t catch this word)
Let’s practice our drive,
Let’s race the black foal
Let’s pull on the reigns
Let’s sacrifice to the spirits
Let’s draw our swords
Let’s destroy our enemy
Let’s ride out east

Blue Mongol has the sky
The steppe has the world
Blue-spotted Mongols
Prayed to it (sky) for eternity
Has been a partner to our allies
Has been a danger to evil doers
Still worshipping our black banners
Became the owners of darkness
Now let us unite our country
Let us unite all the Mongolic nations
Echoing the trampling of our powerful horses
Ride out to foreign lands for war
Fixing our surroundings
Bringing peace to our nation
Display the strength of the nation state
For history to remember for centuries on end.

We should be proud of ourselves
For we are Mongol blood
We should be its owners
Of our land and water.
Dissolved into foreign blood,
The myth overspills
Never been under others
Torturer, I have a raging fury.
Put me in front of anyone,
My history will dwarf theirs
Even though I’m alone I will still be proud all over the planet
Descendants of Huns, us Mongolians
Let’s demonstrate the strength of our ancestors, the rulers of heavens

Our ancestors who left us our history, they are our gods
It is time for new Mongolia, we will make the future happen
Greatness of Mongolia began with just one man, our Khaan
Keeping its flame is our duty, through our mind and intellect.


Blue sky is staring down
Asking the meaning of being human
Where does the truth of this life exist?
In the end what is left?
In times when tears fall
What is the benefit of having regrets?
When the autumn rain seeps into the soil
It’s too late to wait for the sun
Protect it! (high pitched)
Love it! (high pitched)
From those numerous summers
Still whispering in my ears
Protect it! (high pitched)
Love it! (high pitched)
From the heavenly sky above,
Still whispering in our hearts.

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