Egérie (English translation)

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[Couplet 1]
I became the one the one I dreamed to be would have dreamt of
Do you get it? I don't want to wake up
A luxury brand told me "We don't want rap."
You know how rich folk are
I said "Oh well, peace, I don't talk"
The next day, I banged their spokesmodel
She looked like Natalie Portman
She told me "I don't want a couple's life either,
tonight, I want to cut myself off from this repulsive world,
baby, come to my hotel and we'll turn off our mobile devices."
I know quite a bit about that, I'm not telling lies
She bit the pillow like it was a cheesecake
But it's always the same, she took my hands
She told me "Do you love me?", I said: "No, you trouble me."
I repeat myself, I have no guidelines
You're not the only real pearl in my repertoire
One night, wasted under the streetlamps
Maybe I'll turn towards you
Time goes by, I don't know what it means to be still, I
ended up wasted in the middle of the Champs(1), in my city of champions
I'm like a bubble of champagne
Started from below, I want to pop at the surface(2)
An evening full of alcohol, give me their cash
The salmon will be pink and the champagne will be rosé
Mac Cain Family in the studio, it resembles Woodstock
Five in the Mini Austin, the sound takes you to Houston
[Couplet 2]
I became the one that would have dreamed of being the one I dreamed of being
Do you get it? I don't want to wake up
The same luxury brand told me "Okay, we'll accept your rap."
You know how rich folk are
I said "No thanks. I built my own brand,
and remind me to hit up your spokesmodel again."
I haven't given her any news
We weren't unaffected, we weren't ourselves
Always on the move at night
But, what counts, is surpassing yourself
I owe it to myself to take advantage of the life that I lead
Before happiness becomes another hard blow
Before, I didn't have the means to dress myself well
Now I put myself in haute couture
I've seen people drown, I'll let myself explain
The fact is, it's hard to pay the rent with a poor salary
In fact, for certain youth suicide has become
the only way for them to make big money(3)
From what I've taken, I'm surely high
I feel close to L.A.
Me too, I'm built on faults
[Couplet 3]
Everyone is bad, they love money so much
You talk about friendship but you leave once you don't need my help anymore
Even under jet lag, I stay a gentleman.... Liar!
It's hard to be a youth that rejects evil, my heart
Irradiated by gamma rays, let me get clean
I read the manga shelves while standing, sometimes I might seem like a kid
"You're dangerous, Nekfeu, on stage. You dick around, you go too far!"
Caution is the mother of safety.... Safety, you motherfucker!
They want to give me advice, my telephone vibrates
They film my concerts instead of living them
You see this image that people have of rap?
We're going to change that...
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Author's comments:

(1) referring to the Champs-Élysées in Paris
(2) "pop at the surface" - as petite élève says in the comments, he's referring to wanting to die a bigwig
(3) this is a pun on words in French, "grosses coupures" can mean both "big cuts/wounds" (referring to self-mutilation) and also "big money". Kind of impossible to keep that in English



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petit élève    Sun, 22/04/2018 - 22:03

Je suis devenu celui dont aurait rêvé celui que je rêvais d'être -> lit. "I became the one the one I dreamed to be would have dreamt of"

tu me suis ? -> that clearly means "do you get it? here

Tu connais les ches-ri -> more like "you know how (these) rich folks are"

je veux crever à la surface -> that's a rather gruesome pun: "crever" can meak "croak" and "pop", so he says "I want to pop at the surface (like a bubble) / I want to die a big wig"

On veut bien ton rap -> "bien vouloir" is rather "grudgingly accept"

On n'était pas naturels -> "naturel" is more like "unaffected" here

se tailler les veines -> that's actually suicide (cutting one's wrists)

ta mère la pute -> what would be a rap song without a bit of gratuitous profanity, eh? That would roughly translate as "you motherfucker" or "you son of a bitch". It's probably somewhere in between in terms of intensity and vulgarity.

noir-keller    Mon, 23/04/2018 - 00:09

Thanks! Well, for "tu me suis" you can also say in English "you follow?/do you follow?" as in "do you understand/get it?" But I do believe that "do you get it" sounds better overall.

Once again I'm grateful for your corrections! There's always certain little phrases I have a bit of trouble with Regular smile

petit élève    Mon, 23/04/2018 - 04:39

Yeah, I meant "tu me suis?" can only mean "get it?": the only thing to follow here is the reasoning Regular smile