Incomplete lyrics - please help with two lines

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Hi! My translation of Daddy Yankee - Yo contra ti is almost done.
However, the original lyrics are incomplete. 
I checked several sources, and they all provide different lyrics, some of them that don't even make sense. 
This line in the original lyrics, for example: "Grita ante la quimio, aunque me queme su [?]"
Versions from different sources:
1. Grita ante la quimio, aunque me queme su dosis
2. Grita ante la quimio, aunque me queme su voz
3. Gritè ante la quimio, aunque me queme su dosis
4. Quitate la quimio, aunque me queme su voz
Another line that needs to be checked:
- Seré la leyenda [?] en su metamorfosis (I think the source that says "Seré la leyenda, la oruga y su metamorfosis" makes most sense?)
Thanks to everyone! 

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Hola, yo escucho:

Grita ante la quimio, aunque me queme su dosis
Seré la leyenda de la oruga y su metamorfosis

El "aunque" y el "de" dichos a medias en versos muy rápidos.


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Muchas gracias Regular smile
He terminado la traducción, espero que sea correcta.

Saludos Regular smile

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Dear Euterpa, found the other missing part, at the end:

"Filipenses 4:13", in english Philippians 4:13

the bilblical reference says in spanish:

"Todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece."

I'm gettin' chicken skin.


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By the way, i was checking your translation, it's a very good one.

Just a detail, "Ando en modo de guerra" is more like i'm in war mood or in mode of war or something like that. Andar is no reference to walking here, just to be in some kind of state.


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Thank you very much for all your help and feedback, I really appreciate it! I have corrected my translation.
I did mean "walk" in a more figurative way, but I see how it can be understood literally. I changed it to "I feel like a warrior", do you think it resembles the original meaning?

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@tamanduá: Hola y gracias por tus explicaciones. Sólo la palabra ecosistema me confunde y me parece que no va con toda la letra. He traducido al polaco como La vida es así, pero no estoy seguro si es correcto en este contexto.

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