ارجعي Erja3i (English translation)


ارجعي Erja3i

اليوم جبت لك ضُمة ورد
وبعتّ لك إياها على شغلك
بكرة بدي اسرق القمر
تـإهديكِ إياه
وتعلّقيه على صدرك
صارلي جمعة مش دايق طعم النوم
صوتك دايماً حولي
ببحرك بغرق
وماحدا علّمني العوم
صورتك دايماً بعينيّ
لو بقدر كنت بعيد الكرّة
كنت بختار الكلمات القوية
بعيش بنارك وكمان مرة
بتخلى عن عمري وعن الهوية
احكم ياقاضي علينا بالعدل
مع إنه ديننا مش نفس الدين
هل الحب جريمة قتل؟
واللي بيحبوا هنّ مجرمين؟
تنكبر ونشيب سوا
كوني إلي
ولا تخافي من الهوا
إرجعي .. إرجعي .. إرجعي
تـنكبر سوا
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English translation

Come back

today I brought you a flower bouquet
I sent them to your workplace
tomorrow I want to steal the moon
to bestow it to you to hand it in your chest
I's been a week with going to bed
your voice is always around
I drown in your sea,yet, nobody taught me to swim
your picture is always in my eyes
I wish I could do it again
I would've chosen the powerful words
I live in your blazes, and do it again
I give up my life and identity
O' jurist ,judge us fairly
despite that we are not of the same religion
is love a criminal act ??
or those who love criminals ?
Ranya... come back
for us to get grow and get old together ,
and don't fear LOVE
come back ...(x3)
to get old together
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Author's comments:

in Middle East , inter-religious marriage cases are harshly opposed and those who choose to be with someone from other religious background always experience an acquittal from their families and from the society .

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anomie    Fri, 06/05/2016 - 17:29

What is that last line of the original? Did you combine the last two lines?

Yoshya    Fri, 06/05/2016 - 19:20

the last line say ت نكبر سوا which means for us to get old or to grow together , these expressions can be used interchangeably in Arabic , although this is not original Arabic because the song is written using Arabic letters while referring to a different form of the Arabic language ( Egyptian form)

huevosybacon    Sat, 07/05/2016 - 21:41

I think he got confused because the translation skips the line "رانيا كوني إلي", so the last line in Arabic appears to not have a translation when in reality it does Regular smile

Velsket    Tue, 22/05/2018 - 18:55

The source lyrics have been updated. Please review your translation.