Qualcosa di lei (English translation)

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Something of her,
There is something of her that remains lost because she forgot it,
Now it remains mine,
I don't believe she will come back to take it away, I don't believe it...
The periodics, a to do and undo list because
there is written upon it "it's better to forget"
that I suppose it's addressed at me, at me without doubt...
The little bowl of a certain fragrance that exales as I am doing,
there is written upon it "clouds on you"
and it smells like a rose,
but it's not, it's not a rose... She left away
With her eyes and she leaves here the make up pencil,
A little bit of lipstick
A broken watch and an handkerchief
I believe that in the very deep sense
These are sign of her spit
She says "So are you, I don't need you anymore..."
And there are also other things,
The little box of talcum powder
"White inebriating lilly of the valley"
What a blade in my side
She says "So are you, like powder and nothing else..."
Other things of her,
In a book, a leaf, a leaving away thought,
and a note that
says addressed to me
"You were my love..."
and then there are...
There are still other things,
the dawn coloured under slip
cotton flocks
the raspberry flavoured candies
and transparent plastic
beware if it rains,
I hope it will not rain,
otherwise she will bath herself...
There is a roll teddy bear
Once time it was sweet and now he disappreciates me,
There is a little bit of silence,
But the beating of my heart gets me obsessed,
It fixes for hours and hours
Portraits of a sad love
She says "So you are, you can't keep me anymore..."
Oh, thus
The world is lost
And she didn't remember to have forgotten me...
We are so distract...
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Qualcosa di lei

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