Il faut faire signe au machiniste (English translation)


Il faut faire signe au machiniste

La dame attendait l’autobus
Le monsieur attendait l’autobus
Passe un chien noir qui boitait
La dame regarde le chien
Le monsieur regarde le chien
Et pendant ce temps-là
      l’autobus passa
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English translation

You have to wave down the driver

The lady was waiting for the bus
The gentleman was waiting for the bus
Suddenly a black dog with a limp walks by.
The lady watches the dog
The gentleman watches the dog.
And in the mean time
        the bus drove by.
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That's Queneau for you Regular smile

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sandring    Fri, 25/05/2018 - 07:46

Pierre, I believe it's rather "You have to wave down the driver" (for him/her to take you on) Regular smile