São Gonça (English translation)

English translation

São Gonça

Little girl
I'll do everything for our love
I'll do everything for us to feel fine (my dear)
This longing for you hurts me
It's been tearing my heart apart
Don't you ever doubt
That I'll give you the sky
My love, with an angel
For us to get married
Either at the registry office or at the church
If you want it
If you don't want it, it's OK (my dear)
But try to understand
You know how hard it is to live in São Gonçalo1
Today, the bridge2 was jammed up
And I had to walk on foot
I tried to call you
But the pay phone at my street
Was out of order
I didn't have any money
But you believe in it if you want.
  • 1. a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro
  • 2. Rio-Niteroi bridge: a bridge located at Guanabara Bay, in the State of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and that connects the cities of Rio de Janeiro and the municipality of Niterói
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São Gonça

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ladyvibrant    Sun, 15/07/2018 - 15:46

I thank you, Alma Barroca, for taking the time to translate São Gonça. Your translation is helping me grow in my interpretation of the song. Obrigada!