Azize Delami (English translation)

English translation

You are my sweetheart

O my flower, O my nice one
you are my sweetheart
may the dew(tear) never sit in your eyes
you are my sweetheart
I'm a homeless and I walk through the city of your eyes...
in the alley of memories
till your eyes come and sit in the frame of window
I die for you indeed
everybody who hasn't seen you...
he has heard about your goodness
O impatient jasmine
may the dew(tear) never sit in your eyes
your body is more delicate than flower
one by one...
the flower of bee balm...
I shed (those) on your hairs
bunch by bunch...
I shed (those) stead of your footsteps
your heart is a kind of diamond
it's precious more than it
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Azize Delami

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