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When the night buries the dreary day
And the light of the moon floods the darkness
When the weight leaves1 my heart
(And) my mind2 arises from the dungeon3
Deeper and deeper again
Sleep is rocking me gently out of unconsciousness4
Opening doors tightly locked
Lightening up my path
Deeper and deeper again
Sleep is rocking me into another world
Fullfilling my mind with new life
Detaching everything that's chaining me to the earthly things5
Deeper and deeper again
Sleep is rocking me gently out of unconsciousness
Luring lights to my side
Magic of bodyless creatures
Deeper and deeper again
Sleep is rocking me into another world
Letting me sink into rest gently
Letting me forget reality
Surrounded by the naked walls in my bed chamber
I longingly wait for the return of sleep
Counting the rhythmical beating of my heart
Surpressing the memory of the past day
Lead me away from here, free my mind from the flesh
Tear all walls down, lead my into the realm of Morpheus
Is the dawn6 already looming on the horizon?
Is my flesh demanding the mind back into old chains?
Are the voices of alien creatures already falling silent?
Does my nightmare start again... if I would wake up?
  • 1. lit. "gives way from"
  • 2. can also mean spirit
  • 3. or "prison"
  • 4. can also mean powerlessness/helpnessless
  • 5. lit. "Detaching all my chains to the earthly things"
  • 6. could very literally be translated as "morning greying" or "morning horror" but normally just means dawn
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SilentRebel83    Thu, 08/05/2014 - 20:42

Looks great! I notice an error with the footnote tag on line 3 of the opening block.

Sciera    Thu, 08/05/2014 - 20:48


I've corrected that.