Lyubo, brattsy lyubo! (Любо, братцы любо!) (English translation)

English translation

It's a delight

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How did the Cossacks
Chase out,
Chase out
Forty thousand horses to the terrible Terek*,
And the field was covered,
And the shore was covered
With scores of maimed,
Shot down people...
It's a delight, my friends, it's a delight, it's a delight, my friends, to be alive,
There's no need to worry if one is with our hetman.
And the first bullet, and the first bullet,
And the first bullet, this bullet has wounded me,
And the second bullet, and the second bullet,
And the second bullet has wounded my horse.
But my wife will stop loving me and marry another guy,
Marry another guy and forget me,
It's only a shame for Matt, my old Matt,
My old Matt, for my pale horse.
Well, see, I'll die in the steppe, the wind will
Only spread weedy grass over my grave,
Where I will lay down beneath the sabers, beneath the sabers of the Tatars,
This furious, curly, beautiful head.
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Author's comments:

*river in Northern Caucasus:;
seems to me that some parts of the original lyrics are missing


Lyubo, brattsy lyubo! (Любо, братцы любо!)

Ben Dzhons    Sun, 01/04/2018 - 23:59

This translation has many errors!!

Ben Dzhons    Mon, 02/04/2018 - 00:01

This translation has many errors!! This is terrible, do you even see the name "Matt" in the original lyrics? "мать" means mother.... plus the order for the first and second bullet part is vice versa, the first bullet wounds the horse, then the heart

BlackSea4ever    Sun, 19/08/2018 - 13:37

Both translations are lacking, but maybe we do not criticize, but submit a new translation. Lol, I am already stuck on a difficult one, so maybe if I ever have a vacation? Or if someone else does it?