24 000 baisers (English translation)

English translation

24 000 kisses

Love me
as I love you.
If you leave me in charge,
for a whole day,
I'll kiss you
24 000 times.
I place bets all around
without losing more than ten seconds.
I promise in front of everyone
to give you 24 000 kisses.
I know not what's happening.
You see honey, the more I kiss you,
the more I long to hug you!
yé, yé, yé, yé, yé, yé, yé, yé...
I rather like it when you hug me
and because you know I'm not wooden,
I won't leave my place
when I give you twenty-four thousand kisses.
I draw a stick every ten thousand.
I'm now at at least eight hundred thousand,
but I don't want to stop!
yé, yé, yé, yé, yé, yé, yé, yé...
And when at a hundred years
we need to leave the earth,
without even saying a prayer
I'm pretty sure Saint Peter
in seeing me always honest
will allow me to kiss you
for [all] eternity!
ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya...
Submitted by DanielZ on Tue, 18/09/2018 - 22:30

24 000 baisers

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petit élève    Tue, 18/09/2018 - 23:19

me laisser faire -> lit "allow me to do things", i.e. "If you let me do it for a whole day, I'll kiss you 24000 times..." or "If you leave me in charge..."

Je prends des paris à la ronde -> "à la ronde" is idiomatic for "all around" ("I place bets all around")

t’embrasse -> "embrasser" is "kiss". "hug" would be "enlacer" (which you translated as "caress" a bit later Regular smile )
A better equivalent of "enlacer" would be "embrace", I think.
you'll have to change a few occurrences of these.

J’aime assez ça -> "assez" is "rather"

comme je ne suis pas de glace -> "comme" is "since" (because)
"je ne suis pas de glace" is idiomatic too, like "I'm not wooden". Not sure if the image works in English too

Je fais un trait -> "put behind" would be "tirer un trait". Here he just draws a stick every 10 000 kisses to keep the count Regular smile

huit-cents mille -> he kissed her at least 800 000 times

centenaire -> 100 years old (they'll have to depart this valley of tears when they hit 100)

DanielZ    Wed, 19/09/2018 - 00:05

Thank you for those suggestion and corrections. This song seemed easy in French--but obviously there were quite a few mistakes. Definitely a language I look forward to improving on over the next year or so--the way I'll do that is by watching lots of native programs, which I haven't done in a great many years. Merci! Regular smile

- Daniel