L’hippopotame (English translation)

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Pour plaire à sa femme
Qui le trouvait gros,
Un hippopotame
A fait du judo.
Pour plaire à sa femme
Qui le trouvait laid,
Un hippopotame
Fit du karaté.
Quand l’hippopotame
Se vit mince et beau,
Il dit à sa femme
Qu’elle pesait trop.
Et qu’elle avait l’air,
À côté de lui,
D’une montgolfière
En papier verni.
Pour plaire à sa femme
Et avoir la paix,
Notre hippopotame
Redevint plus laid.
Il mangea sans faim
Tant de soupe aux herbes
Que sa femme enfin
Le trouva superbe.
Submitted by Valeriu Raut on Wed, 19/09/2018 - 20:05
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The Hippopotamus

To please his wife
Who thought he was fat
A hippopotamus
Did judo.
To please his wife
Who thought he was ugly
A hippopotamus
Did karate.
When the hippopotamus
Saw himself as skinny and handsome
He says to his wife
That she weighed too much.
And that she looked,
At his side
Like a hot air balloon
Made out of leather paper.
To please his wife
And to keep the peace
Our hippopotamus
Became uglier again.
He ate without being hungry
So much herbal soup
That his wife again
Found him to be superb.
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Valeriu Raut    Thu, 20/09/2018 - 03:33

Thank you, LFV.
Se vit mince et beau > (was living) saw himself skinny and handsome
Kind regards