Mes emmerdes (English translation)

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My Troubles

I worked
For years,
Without respite,
Day and night
To succeed [Eh, yes!]
To climb [Oh, yes!]
The summits,
Often in
My race against time
My friends, my loves, my troubles.
I ran,
Towards the horizon,
The illusion,
Towards the abstract,
While sacrificing,
It's heartbreaking,
I accuse myself of this now,
My friends, my loves, my troubles.
My friends, we shared everything together. [Everything!]
My loves made love very well. [Ah, yes!]
My troubles were those of my age, [Of course!]
When money, it's sad to say,
Spurred us on every day.
To be proud,
I'm proud!
Between us,
I swear it,
I've made my life.
But there is
One "but". . .
I'd give
What I have [Not all of it!]
To recover, I admit it,
My friends, my loves, my troubles.
My relatives, [Ah, my relatives. . .]
Are [Really are. . .]
High up [Very high up!]
Decorated [Very decorated!]
Influential [Very influential!]
Pot-bellied [Very pot-bellied!]
Good people [Very very good!]
They're serious [Too serious!]
But near them [Very near them!]
I always have regrets about
My friends, my loves, my troubles.
My friends were full of insouciance. [Yes!]
My loves were flaming hot [Oh. . .yes!]
My troubles, today when I think of them [Bah!]
Weren't very important
And it was a good time.
A time of hoaxes,
The days of matric*,
Refrains. . .
What makes all this,
I know it,
That I will never forget
My friends. . .my loves. . .my troubles. . .
i hope this translation was useful to you. use it wherever, i don't mind.
i write evocative translations rather than precise ones so this might not be "word for word" but at least it will be pretty
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"bac"=final year of high school. In this country we call it matric.


Mes emmerdes

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