Night Cruising (English translation)


Night Cruising

今夜が始めてだから 少し途惑うの
入江の燈台から 光は届くけれど
貴方の心だけが 見えない
右から私の肩 やさしくそっと抱いた
お願いこれ以上は 離れて
いつも近く側に居て 貴方だけ想う
去年の夏は少し 早目に過ぎたけれど
今日まで長い時間を 感じた
彗星愛の行方 答えず走り去って
波間に俯く影 浮べる
好きになって ほしいと言う
貴方のために もしも 貴方が望むならば
今年の夏は少し 早目に訪れそう
眩しい愛と夢を 運んで
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English translation

Night Cruising

In the bathed by the calm moonlight sea
You take out the white boat
And since it's just us two tonight, for the first time, away from people
Our path ahead is a bit puzzled
The light from the bay lighthouse reaches us
And yet, only your feelings cannot be seen
Then you gently embraced my right arm
Please, don't leave me alone
The night wind passing by your ears
Secretly whispers you lovely words
Although I think no one's as selfish as you
It's only you who's always close to me
Last summer was probably too ahead
But today it feels so long ago
A shooting star runs along the way without an answer
And our shadows float upon the waves
I tell you – the truth is
That I want you to love me
Even if you wanted me to
I would forget all my grief for you
Last summer was probably too ahead
I'm still full of dazzling love and dreams
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BG: Ако в някой превод има нещо, което не ви звучи добре, не се стеснявайте да ми кажете – ще съм благодарен за помощта. В случай че искате да използвате който и да е от преводите ми някъде, бъдете така добри да споменете откъде сте го взели и по възможност да ме уведомите. Все пак бива чуждият труд да се цени, нали така?
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Donnie Brasco    Fri, 19/10/2018 - 03:34

Thank you so much my friend nicholas!. I am so happy that finally there is someone interested in translating Japanese songs, especially from the 80s. I hope you translate more of Momoko Kikuchi songs. And thanks again.