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Yesterday I had deactivated the chat plugin and I logged out without activating it again. When I logged in again, I see chat plugin doesn't exist in my profile. I've come back for trying activate that again, but I didn't see it again. And now I haven't the chat plugin in my profile of Lyrics Translate. Can someone help me with this, please?
Thanks in advance.


go to edit and fix it

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Hello! I tried to fix this problem entering to "Edit", where there is a part called "Chat". I've changed of option to "Show", but I can't see chat plugin, yet.

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I usually keep the chat plugin hidden and these steps brought it back for me (although it looks very different since the last time I saw it lol). I don't know if any pop-up blockers might be stopping yours appearing?

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[@PeruvianCat] Please go to the front page and check if it's visible there.

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Problem solved. I can see the chat plugin, now. Thanks to everyone who answered my message. Regular smile

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