Même Si Je Sais (English translation)

English translation

Even though I know

And even if I must let you
Move on before we... love
But now I know
That we both thought about it
Yes, thought...
That we are both supposed to
Wipe out...
I've lost a falling star
I've lost some petals
And that makes me cry
Yes, cry
Thinking that never
Never more...
Even though I know
That for you it's in the past
The past...
I think about it again and again
And I never get enough of it
Never enough...
I've lost a falling star
I've lost some petals
I've lost a falling star
I still... have pain
Even though I know...
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A video is available here https://youtu.be/Dfa_BrHVJGM


Même Si Je Sais

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batay    Thu, 13/12/2018 - 13:06

The break in line 2 between "s'ai"  and the final syllable "mer" easily explains the mistake of the original submitter  Pamela1108. The meaning is "to move on before loving each other.