What color is your eyes?

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Mine is dark brown. ^_^

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Nice color! Mine are light blue ^^

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dark brown Kiss

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Dark green

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I've got typical Mediterranean eyes: brown.

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Green, blue, or grey

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Blue-green-grey sorta.

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Oh, guys, l'm getting jealous now... 😁
My boyfriend's color is also blue-grey. This color is really attractive... l wish l had it too. 😔

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Why did you ask if you knew some were going to have light colors and you were going to get jealous?

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She was likely joking about being jealous

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Oh she was? Dammit, that's why I can't participate in this kind of things, I always take things too literally

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Mine are hazel.

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Mine are hazel too!

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Mine are brown like coffee ☕️.

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I'm just your typical blonde hair blue (some people say green) eyed American white girl :p

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green with brown flecks

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