Detective Conan (OST) - Detective Conan opening Balearic


Detective Conan opening Balearic

Un detectiu molt capaç,
un jove amb una missió,
un al·lot molt espavilat,
d'ell tracta aquesta cançó.
Ningú no el podrà enganar,
del seu geni no se'n pot dubtar.
Aquest al·lot comprovarà,
que el crim mai pagarà.
Les coses que ell va fer emprar,
d'ençà que era ben petit.
Ara també les podrà emprar,
però cada matí.
A un món d'ombra i de llum,
a on s'hi amaga la veritat,
sempre hi podrem trobar qualcú,
que no la deixa de cercar.
A un món d'ombra i de llum,
a on s'hi amaga la veritat,
sempre hi podrem trobar qualcú,
que no la deixa de cercar.
Submitted by Achampnator on Mon, 07/01/2019 - 23:25
Last edited by Geheiligt on Sat, 12/01/2019 - 23:25


Alma Barroca    Sat, 12/01/2019 - 22:57

This seems to be Catalan. [@Metodius], would you mind confirming?

Metodius    Sat, 12/01/2019 - 23:12

Yes, it's Catalan indeed. Regular smile

Geheiligt    Sat, 12/01/2019 - 23:26

I then changed the language accordingly, if you don't mind Juan Wink smile

Achampnator    Sat, 12/01/2019 - 23:50

On the Page where I got this its Balearic!

Alma Barroca    Sun, 13/01/2019 - 19:18

A language named Balearic really seems to exist. I came here because it's (well, was) listed as 'Other', just to check. It looked liked Catalan, that's why I asked a native before acting.

Metodius    Mon, 14/01/2019 - 00:14

No, Balearic is a dialect of Catalan - there isn't a Balearic language as such, even though the Balearic dialect has some phonetic and evident lexical differences from standard Catalan, just as the Valencian dialect does. Here's a link explaining how the dialect is.

The only claims of a Balearic and a Valencian "language" are made by anti-Catalanist politicians who like to pretend that there aren't any cultural or linguistic links between Valencia, the Balearic Islands and Catalonia, and therefore these regions are closer to Spain than the Catalanosphere. These claims, which are spurious at best, have been rejected by every linguist and sociologist imaginable (including those in the Palma de Majorca and Valencia Universities), and have more ideological roots than any genuine scientific validity.

Therefore, while I don't want to offend anyone, I must say that whomever is saying that the text of this song is in anything other than Catalan, needs to find out a more information about the language and its dialectal forms.

Metodius    Sun, 13/01/2019 - 20:39

There's nothing to thank me for. Have a lovely evening! Regular smile

Achampnator    Mon, 14/01/2019 - 00:22

Mmh... a dialect huh and its close to Catalan? And why does it have a own Lyrics Text sorted under Balearic?

Metodius    Mon, 14/01/2019 - 19:22

Unfortunately, a dialect cannot be merely close to a language, as it is subordinate to it. "Balearic" is simply a political name for Catalan in the political context of the Balearic Islands - please refer to this link in order to identify its morphological traits.

Regarding the political aspects of the dialect, here it is inexplicably presented as a language, even though the first thing that the text specifies is that "The Majorcan language represents one of the most important cultural values of the Balearic Islands. A dialect of Catalan, the Balearic has variants in each island. We are going to talk to you about the Majorcan one.". The way in which this is analyzed by the European Youth Portal, no less, is erroneous - a dialect cannot be a language all by itself, because it doesn't have a degree of verbal, morphological, lexical and syntactical deviation from its original source, that is high enough to merit an identifiable separation.

Sorry for the overlong explanation, but I just wanted to clarify this matter.

DarkJoshua    Tue, 15/01/2019 - 00:07

Pardon my intrusion, but some would argue that even Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin and Bosniac are dialects of a single language. That's how it used to be back when Yugoslavia was a unified country and that language was called Serbo-Croatian. When Yugoslavia fell, each republic took their dialect and said they were completely different languages and that's why LT has 4 different categories for one single language.
As Metodius tried to explain, the difference between a dialect and a language is a political matter. Balearic has not a category in the database (you can check the list of languages), therefore this song needs to be classified under Catalan. If someone finds it important, though, they can add in the Author's comment that this is the Balearic dialect, but we don't need to start making a big fuss over such trivial matters.