Which is your favorite color(s)?

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Which are your fav colors?

Personally, l prefer dark colors, like black, grey, blue and green. But maybe blue is my favorite. Regular smile

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The same here!! Blue and dark my

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My favorite colors are black, blue and red. But especially red.

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Black Mamba, please post topics like this one on General discussions because this isn't really about the English language. I moved this.

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Ok, thanks.

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My favorite colors are orange and blue! Then I'd go for black, and then purple!

And the colors I like the least are white and yellow ^^

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My favorite colors are pink and white.

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Mine is sky-blue ^^

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Stima X'D

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BlackSea4ever wrote:

What color is that? Lol

It's a hexadecimal RGB representation of a color (you can search for it on the internet to view the color).
I used it because I didn't know how to express it otherwise (light-blueish gray? :D)


i like black and blue and grey or dark grey and red velvet

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Mine are Blue And White specially white Regular smile

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Ah, tis a beautiful silver-blue-grey!

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Oh, right lol

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The most popular color [or colour, as you folks say in the Commonwealth] in the world is blue, which is my favorite as well.

Purple, the rarest color in nature, would be second, though not by much.

Pink and grey I think go well together. In color psychology theory, pink has a calming effect. I find gray soothing as well.

But definitely blue, a lighter tone ... so I'll say sky-blue.

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I don’t really understand the point of this topic. Is it to get some info on fellas to create their P.S. profiles based on their colo(u)r preferences? Teeth smile
Most of the world will fall into “depressed, sad, not happy” category LOL

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I kind of liked this - it gave me a moment of lightheartedness much needed.

Sky blue, azure, midnight -
The heavens shine light
Turquoise, Sapphire, topaz -
Seas and jewels sparkle in delight
Blush, lotus, red-red rose
Endless are the flower shades
Blood, ruby, scarlet
From flags to tall ship sails raise
Silver stormy skies and seas
Strength of steel and platinum appeal
Pinstripe suits and pencil skirts
Photographs by Gray Malin
White and black
Wedding dresses and black-tie balls
Ivory and ebony magic of piano calls
Marble fountains and sculpture gardens
Wonder of white and black sand beaches
White of hope, black of sorrow
Blue of melancholy, red of lust
Green of envy, green of grass
Colors complement and they contrast

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My favorite are orange and brown Regular smile

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It's just to know us better. Or because of curiosity. You can answer if you want.

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My favorite color is blue. Regular smile

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All shades of blue, but mainly midnight blue. My second favourite are the combinations of black and white (imagine a chessboard). I also like green and purple.

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My favourite colour is purple - especially dark purple

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