"I snizu led i sverkhu - mayus' mezhdu..." ("И снизу лед и сверху - маюсь между ...") (English translation)


"I snizu led i sverkhu - mayus' mezhdu..." ("И снизу лед и сверху - маюсь между ...")

И снизу лед и сверху - маюсь между, -
Пробить ли верх иль пробуравить низ?
Конечно - всплыть и не терять надежду,
А там - за дело в ожиданье виз.
Лед надо мною, надломись и тресни!
Я весь в поту, как пахарь от сохи.
Вернусь к тебе, как корабли из песни,
Все помня, даже старые стихи.
Мне меньше полувека - сорок с лишним, -
Я жив, тобой и господом храним.
Мне есть что спеть, представ перед всевышним,
Мне есть чем оправдаться перед ним.
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English translation

From Both Below The Ice, And Atop It - I Toil Between

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From both below the ice, and atop it - I toil between,
To pierce a hole through the top, or punch one below?
Surely - to emerge and not lose hope,
And then - for the business of passing on through.
The ice above me, gives way, and shatters!
I am soaked in sweat, like a fieldhand on a plow.
I'll come back to you like the ships in those songs,
I remember them all, even my past poetry.
I am short, half a century - forty years plus more,
I'm still alive because of you, and with The Lord's intervention.
I've got something to sing, when brought before The Almighty,
I've got things to account for before Him.
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Author's comments:

This song contains many metaphors that relate to the struggle he, and Marina Vlady had while in a relationship. The struggles of seeing one another while attempting to surmount the red tape of countries (France and the USSR) in order to secure a visa and see one another. He joined the communist party in order to be able to gain access finally to visiting her through all of their ten year difficulties. Several of his songs were inspired by this dilemma.