Mathias Duplessy - In The Mongolian Style Blues


In The Mongolian Style Blues

Nobody knows my name
In the street I'm alone
Everyday's the same
When the sound's going down
I'm just singin' of blues
In the Mongolian style
In the Mongolian style
I just play a strange bass
And twink my fingers
Everywhere I play
Somewhere doin' truth
I'm just singin' blues
In the Mongolian style
Oo-wa,oo-wa, oo-wa, oo-wa-aay
In the Mongolian style
In the Mongolian style
In the Mongolian style...
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If you are interested in the throat singing part then it is (kargyraa, and sygyt).
He is playing a Gnawa Bass (Gombri).
The deep voice he uses is achieved by speaking/singing in the deep kargyraa style. It is a combination of the false vocal cords, the tongue placement, pitch, and oral cavity shape, nasal/or not, chest cavity resonance. Things like that.
*If you are attempting it in earnest get informed. You can do real damage to your vocal cords if it is done incorrectly. A bad sore throat (vocal cords), or constant coughing is a sure sign of bad technique.
Like all musical instruments, it requires practice everyday.

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