Please "Unblock" for sake of people trying to contact you because you are special for them.

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'Clearing the air' is important i believe. Blocking or simply disappearing when someone is expecting a response is not right. Keeping someone hanging and waiting is definitely not right manners too. Talk it out, give a justification, give an explanation and only then take the decisive step if you really have exhausted all other options. Why leave someone unsatisfied and in despair and let him hold a grudge against you all his life? Amicably sort it out people !!!!

Let me make this very clear that this is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious forum which really requires each one of us here to be most open-minded and behave with utmost sophistication and be tolerant and mindful of each other at all times. If you are not open or broad minded enough then seriously you are at a wrong place. Therefore, don't just be a grown-up, act and behave like one.

People should be aware that what they consider 'ok or fine' might not be 'ok or even fine' with others and vice-versa. But how will one come to know "what's ok and what's not" for the other? Only by talking - so never close that channel. People should be sensitive, caring and most of all forgiving towards each other because people will make mistakes here in their initial interactions until they have grown to know each other considerably well. So give each other chances, help each other learn, help each other improve and help each other grow before shutting the door on them.We should not leave a trail of 'broken-hearted' people here but try breaking serious stereotypes, barriers, borders instead.

Translation is a process by which 2 strangers come closer to each other. Let's keep this spirit alive when we talk and share over here. Make your last conversation with someone as exciting as the first one.Part ways,if you really have to, but with your dignity and self-respect intact, which will not be the case if one of the persons chooses 'block'. Because last impression too holds as much importance as the first one.

On a personal note, i would like to say, apologizing and seeking forgiveness is becoming a dying quality these days. Sometimes seeker is not ready to ask forgiveness out of his big ego while other times he is not given an honest chance to do so as he is quickly cut off. Earlier these used to get counted as genuine good qualities in a person - 'seeking forgiveness' and 'forgiving someone'. It used to be very romantic too.

Teasing, seeking forgiveness, getting forgiven and then the other person doing tit-for-tat, though long drawn, was considered highly romantic. But these days nobody seems to have patience for all of it. People are getting offended far too quickly and at slightest of things while displaying no patience, no sportsman spirit, no large-heartedness whatsoever and heading straight for the 'Block', which seems to be the safest route - but it's not. I am ok with not getting replied, at least i feel hopeful in my mind of having a chance of winning her back someday, but 'block' totally kills the fun, suspense, excitement and even imagination.

So let's be each other's muse, because only then words shall be put to their best use. I hope with these words i am sending out a humble request to people who have previously or recently 'blocked' me to please 'unblock' me now. If somebody wants me to act as mediator between them, then i am more than ready to help them out, as this message is from their behalf too.

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Don't despair and do give children time to grow up.

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Well said.
Everyone who agrees with the sentiment, please translate into your languageне-ищи-недостатко...

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I don't really understand this topic..

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StarryEyed is saying that blocking is an incorrect way of treating each other - same sentiment you also expressed earlier. He believes we should have a channel to communicate and resolve issues.

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He said it right! I agree! 👍👍

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Wow man, I couldn't have put the words better on how I feel about blocks than you! Thanks a lot for this topic!!!

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