Bob Geldof - Love Or Something

  • Artist: Bob Geldof
  • Album: The Vegetarians of Love (1990)
English, French

Love Or Something

It was last night, baby, when I caught your eye
Sssh, don't tell nobody but I almost died
And like a beach bunny sobbing on a shag pile rug
I thought of "Going to a Go-Go"
And the Family Stone frug
So we twist and shout, then when it's feeling great
She drifts away
(Talk talk baby whaddya say)
She walk away
(Walk walk baby why don't you stay)
But like a cardboard suitcase in the pouring rain
She falls apart on me and then we start again
It must be love
Or something else
Well I talk with her and then I stay all night
We did everything but it
Still it felt alright
She was careful 'bout her health so it didn't hurt
When she started dropping pills in her blue grass skirt
Then she twist and dip and do the flip-flop slide
She drifts away
(Talk talk baby whaddya say)
She walk away
(Walk walk baby why don't you stay)
Well trembling like an earthquake, slipping like soap
I don't believe with her I'll ever give up hoping
That this is is love
Or something else
Still I never take for granted that what's new
Am I overstating what at root
Seems cute
And more to boot
The point is moot
But up to you
Is this love
Or something else
I don't believe in love, baby, if I'm honest with myself
I don't believe it lasts long it's kinda like your health
Hey, everything is spinning round down the laundromat
And love is like your clothes it's only useful while it lasts
Save your soul
Dans ce monde il n'ya qu'une femme pour chaque homme
Et je pense qu'il n'ya qu'un âge pour chaque âge
Et ça c'est vraiment vrai
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