Berceuse pour les pas fins (English translation)

English translation

Lullaby For The Naughty

Die asshole, you eat shit, you damned piece of shit,
Mentally ill, I will get you stabbed
You deserve to get hit by a car or a cement truck
Die asshole, you are a pedophile, you eat toads
You smell like oil, you sniff mops
You lick garbages, I would nail your tongue to your forehead and make you say pineapple
Die asshole, I will stuff you and shoot you
I will tell everyone that you like fuchsia
You deserve that I tear off both eyes and I pass them in my grinder
Die asshole, I will send my dog to piss on your grave
I will go unearth you just to watch you rot
I will fill your grave with dangerous trash and set it on fire
Die asshole
You are a damned piece of shit, ugly, you smell like shit
You walk like a duck, you do not express yourself well
Your clothes aren't even nice, and your moms ass is large like a bus
Die asshole
Submitted by Emily RaymondEmily Raymond on Fri, 02/02/2018 - 19:14
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Berceuse pour les pas fins

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Emily RaymondEmily Raymond    Sat, 23/03/2019 - 00:08

I will tell everyone that you like fuchsia*

my bad

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