Bing Crosby - I've Got the Girl!

  • Artist: Bing Crosby ( Harry Lillis Crosby Jr.)

I've Got the Girl!

I've got a girl.
I've got a girl.
Oh, what a girl!
Oh, what a girl!
She's got a smile
you'd walk a mile to see.
I had a heart,
and lost a heart.
Just had to be.
Just had to be.
She had a heart,
she gave her heart to me -ee -ee.
All those lips,
all those eyes,
oh, can't you see—
she just the kind of a girl
you want your girl to be -ee -ee.
I'm satisfied,
so satisfied.
Who wouldn't be?
Who couldn't be?
I've got the girl!
She's just the girl for me.
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sandringsandring    Sun, 25/08/2019 - 08:23

Hi, Merlot! You've done an amazing job of transcribing. Thanks from me and Daniel. I've taken the liberty to correct one line "She's got a smile you'd walk a mile to see". I hope you listen and agree. Regular smile

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